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Brach's Candy Company

Brach's Candy Company, also know as Brachs Confections was originally created by Emil J Brach, the son of a German immigrant family, who themselves had invested in a failed business venture to create their own candy company. Mr. Brach founded his company in 1904, and he decided that he could than his parent in opening up a candy company. He began his business venture in Chicago.

In 1966, American Home Products purchased the Brachs Candy Company and created a subdivision, which in turn was sold in 1987 to Jacobs Suchard. Then, in 1990, Phillip Morris bought Jacobs Suchard, with the exception of The Brachs Candy Company. Brachs was retained by Klaus J. Jacobs. In November 2007, the Brachs Candy Company was purchased by Farleys and Sathers Their headquarters are now located in Round Lake Minnesota. Please take a look for more information about Brach's Candy Company at these website links.

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Brachs Party Halloween Candy Mix
Brachs Party Halloween Candy Mix
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Brachs Party Halloween Candy Mix
Brach's Party Halloween Candy Mix (5 pounds)
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